Guyana: Rise in dengue with 2,852 virus cases, two deaths

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Georgetown, Guyana: The Ministry of Health has reported a total of 2,852 dengue virus cases and two deaths in a year so far. The officials cautioned the citizens due to a rise in the dengue cases and encouraged them to keep their surroundings clean to avoid illness.

Frank Anthony, who is serving as a Minister of Health revealed that out of 2,852 cases, they have done more than 11,000 dengue tests.

“Of the individuals who have tested positive, we have seen that 265 of them have required some form of hospitalization and there have been two deaths due to dengue so far this year.  The affected areas are Zones 4,2,10,6,9, and 1…Since it is a mosquito-borne infection, the way to stop transmission is to ensure that we kill the mosquito”, Anthony said.

To reduce the increase of mosquitoes, the ministry has already started with the fogging exercise in all of the mentioned Regions. The health minister further added that they will boost the fogging exercise against dengue.

Notably, the members of the health ministry is working dedicatedly and consistently to keep the surroundings clean and maintain a healthy environment for the citizens.

“Teams outside usually go out in the evening and early morning to do fogging and right now we have different teams in the country doing this work”, Guyana Health Minister Anthony remarked.

It is to be noted that the minister has also discussed about the active symptoms of dengue which are prevailing in the country including high fever, vomiting, headache and the passing of blood in urine or faeces, loss in appetite and internal bleeding and many more.

Moreover, it has been said that the health authorities discovered about the four types of the dengue virus, which is being diagnosed with one type that could not immune the person from other three types. Therefore, the people are asked to seek medical attention when they find the first sign of dengue.

The citizens are encouraged for collective efforts, along with the government of Guyana against the spike of dengue fever.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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