Barbados reports decline in Dengue cases, Vector Control Unit continues fogging exercise

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Bridgetown: Barbados has seen a slight decrease in the number of Dengue fever cases. The Vector Control Unit, in collaboration with the Ministry for Health, continues fogging operations to bring the fever under control.

According to the report, the Unit team will fog in the areas of Christ Church this week. Exercise is important to combat the increase of dengue, which results in severe fever and body aches. The fogging team ensured that the exercise would run smoothly and prioritize the health of all its people.

Following are the dates and times scheduled according to the locations.

Monday, April 22
The Vector Control Unit officials will visit the districts of Maxwell Hill Road, Maxwell Terrace, Maxwell Gardens, Cane Vale Road, Moravian Gardens, Mahogany Gardens, Fair Holmes Gardens, Ashby Avenue and Hythe Gardens. The fogging exercise on these locations will take place on Monday.

Tuesday, April 23
The districts of Graeme Hall Park Road, Graeme Hall Terrace and Goodwood Drive will be scheduled to be sprayed on Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 24
The fogging team will proceed to the areas of St Lawrence Gap, Bath Village Road, Paradise Village Road, Dover Gardens, Dover Avenues, Oistins, Maxwell Coast Road and the nearby areas on Wednesday.

Thursday, April 25
The next day, the team will spray Pegwell Road, Church Hill Main Road, Scarborough, Windy Ridge, Church Road and Evergreen Road and the surrounding areas will be targeted.

Friday, April 26
The Unit team will conclude its exercise on Friday in Thornbury Hill, Windy Ridge and other neighbouring districts.

It is to be noted that the fogging exercises in the mentioned locations will take place from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm daily in Barbados. The residents are advised to open their doors and windows during the spraying operation to allow the spray to enter the house.

The authorities urged parents to keep their children indoors during the fogging exercise and not allow them to play outside to avoid illness. The fogging may be affected by events beyond the Unit’s control, so the team will return to the affected communities as soon as possible.

Moreover, the Ministry for Health extended their full support to the citizens and assured them that they will implement or adopt every possible measure to combat the problem of dengue fever.

Ana Allen
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