Dengue fever continues in Barbados, Health Ministry cautions citizens

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Bridgetown, Barbados: The Ministry of Health and Wellness urged the public to take necessary precautions as the nation is experiencing spike in the dengue cases. Initially, the cases were reduced but the numbers are still above the outbreak threshold.

The officials from the health ministry revealed in its latest update that they have reported four deaths since the outbreak of disease in October 2023. They added that several people were sent to the hospital with warning signs and others were hospitalised with severe dengue fever.

It is to be noted that the most predominant serotype of dengue is identified as Type 2, followed by Type 3.

As of the week ending April 6, 2024, the country has reported 2,915 clinically suspected cases of dengue and 1,059 counted as laboratory-confirmed cases of dengue fever in Barbados.

The Ministry has noted a spike in the numbers of dengue cases as compared to previous year, 2023, there were only 158 suspected cases and approximately 105 confirmed cases of this disease.

According to the information, the current outbreak reached to its highest point in January 2024 and continue to decline in March. Though it was reduced to numbers in February but the numbers are still recorded as high the March outbreak threshold.

The authorities advised and urged the citizens of Barbados to implement measures to avoid sickness due to the spread of dengue. They have introduced some steps, which can prove helpful for the people during this time. Some of the measures are as follows,

  • One may use repellent and wearing protective clothing
  • People should eliminate breeding sites by keeping their surroundings clean
  • Use protective window and door screens
  • Make use of mosquito nets at home

Additionally, PAHO has cautioned people regarding the increase in the dengue cases in Americas and Caribbean. Jarbas Barbosa, serving as a Director of PAHO stated that approximately 3.5 million dengue cases have been noted and around 1,000 deaths happened due to dengue till March 26.

He has also revealed several environmental and social factors that contributed in the rise of dengue such as, The EI Nino phenomenon, unplanned urbanisation, rising temperature, extreme weather events, and inadequate water & sanitation services among other key factors.

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Ana Allen
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