Guyana police nab 40-year-old for possessing 2050 grams of marijuana. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Guyana police nab 40-year-old for possessing 2050 grams of marijuana

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Georgetown, Guyana: The Guyana Police conducted an intelligence-led operation near the Demerara Harbour Bridge which resulted in the discovery of 2050 grams of marijuana. The officials arrested a 40-year-old driver on Friday in connection to those findings.

As per the details, the officers led by an Assistant Superintendent, found one silver-grey Toyota Premio car with a registration number #PNN 7493 which was moving towards the east direction. The authorities stopped the vehicle and asked the driver that if he had something illegal in his car.

The driver responded to the authority’s question and stated he had some weed. Subsequently, the officers conducted a search of the car and found a black plastic bag that contained several illegal things. The illegal things contained in the bag include two parcels of leaves, seeds, and stems, which are suspected to be cannabis.

The driver was later told of the offense he had committed and arrested for the possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. Following his arrest, the authorities took the 40-year-old driver to Providence Police Station along with the suspected items.

After his apprehension, the residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their views and opinions through their comments. One person commented “When will these people understand that it is harmful to consume drugs. It is really great on official’s behalf. They should continue to conduct such operations in order to reduce crime activities.”

Another person wrote “Really proud of the work which authorities of Guyana are doing. The possession of drugs is becoming a serious issue and really don’t know what would that person do with that.”

The citizens of Guyana have requested the authorities to take stringent measures in order to reduce the consumption of drugs. They have raised their concern for the youth of the nation and have asked government to conduct such workshops with an aim of making Guyana, a drug free nation.

The administration has also promised to implement strict plans and policies in order to safeguard their citizens from indulging in such kind of activities.