Guyana: MOH receives donations from UNFPA to aid in reducing adolescent pregnancy
Guyana: MOH receives donations from UNFPA to aid in reducing adolescent pregnancy Picture Courtesy: MOH guyana

Guyana: Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, accepted a donation of medical supplies and furniture from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on November 25, which will boost the continuous sensitisation programme on preventing teenage pregnancy in Regions One (Barima-Waini) and Nine (Upper Takutu – Upper Essequibo).

The donations, which were funded by India-UN Development Partnership Fund, amounted to US$559,000; and were presented by Adler Bynoe, UNFPA Lesion Officer to Guyana and Dr KJ Srinivasa, Indian High Commissioner.

During his brief response, Dr Frank Anthony expressed his appreciation to the organisations for their continued support of the Ministry of Health (MOH). In addition, he stated that through the funded project, the Ministry would be able to reach far-end communities within regions one and nine and also develop educational materials, not only for the stated regions but for other health centres across Guyana. He added that this funding would also assist with training Health Care Workers to build trust among young people and provide confidential care.

The Minister said he is happy with the results coming out of such collaboration since the Ministry has managed to develop two standards of care which will soon be utilised in the country.

Further, Dr Anthony highlighted that one of the collaborative exercises from which the Ministry will be benefiting is the use of software that was developed for COVID-19 and its vaccination, which will now be digitally developed for immunisation records in Guyana.

“While the software was initially conceptualised for COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccination, we have asked that we use it more for our entire immunisation quota, so when we roll it out, we’ll be able to digitalise all of our immunisation records in Guyana”, he explained.

Meanwhile, Bynoe noted that the adolescent health programme is one that’s much needed in Guyana, and his agenda is fully committed to this effort.

“The outcomes of increased use of quality Adolescents sexual and reproductive health care in the regions and its adolescent empowerment in the prevention of adolescent pregnancies is paramount”, he highlighted.

Further, the High Commissioner of India, in his brief remarks, noted that while on his visit to region 9, he was well appreciative of the response from the sensitisation of teenage pregnancy done thus far by the Ministry’s adolescent health programme. He urged that the programmes be continuous with possible expansion to other regions.

Also present at this morning’s simple handing over ceremony were Mukesh Kaushik, First Secretary (political and Commercial); Cilandell Glen, Adolescents Health Coordinator- Adolescent Health Unit Ministry of Health; and Ms Babsie Giddings, SRH Coordinator- UNFPA team.