Guyana MoH celebrates World Blood Donor Day 2023

Guyana MoH celebrates World Blood Donor Day 2023

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Georgetown, Guyana: To commemorate World Blood Donor Day 2023, the Ministry of Health’s National Blood Transfusion Services yesterday hosted a Blood Donor Ceremony at Banks DIH Sports Club located at Thirst Park, Ruimveldt, according to the latest update by the Ministry.

World Blood Donor Day is being observed under the theme, “Give blood, give plasma, share life and share often.”

As per the update, this ceremony was held to educate persons on the importance of blood donation and to award frequent blood and plasma donors along with organisations who would often partake in blood donation drives over the years.

During his brief remarks, Advisor to the Minister of Health, Dr Lesile Ramsammy, while reflecting on the progress which the Blood bank has undergone thus far, stated that Guyana is now able to have a donation rate that is being observed in high-middle income countries.

“Guyana has now reached a stage where we have reached a rate of about 16 donations per every 1000, and that is the average for high-middle income countries. In these countries, they donate at a rate of 16 per 1000, and Guyana is proud that we have reached the average and surpassed that average. When I was the Minister of Health, we were about two donations per every 1000. We still have a way to go to match the developed countries, but we are about 800% higher than where we were 20 years ago,” Dr Ramsammy explained, as per the reports.

Additionally, Dr Ramsammy highlighted that Guyana has achieved and sustained 100 percent voluntary donation as one of the original leaders in making this achievement among the developing countries.

Moreover, he indicated that while Guyana can acquire 10,000 donations, the aim is to have 12,000 by the end of 2023, but with the rate at which blood donation is being observed, Dr Ramsammy disclosed that the goal might need to shift to 15,000.

Meanwhile, the Director of the National Blood Transfusion Services, Dr Pedro Lewis, indicated that as they celebrate World Blood Donor Day this year, they are placing focus on Chronic Disease patients since they are the ones that are most in need of blood and plasma donations for survival.

“Our focus this year is on chronic disease patients. Here, we’re speaking about patients with haemophilia and sickle cell. These are patients that probably pass you on the roadside, but the thing that is important to note, is that without your help, those patients cannot earn a living, they cannot go to school, and they need your help to survive daily,” Dr Lewis stated.

Further, he highlighted that, to date, over 400 organisations across Guyana have partaken in blood donation drives. As such, each Region will be hosting a Blood Donor Day activity at different organisations. With this, he said, it will allow more persons to be aware of voluntary blood donation.

Also present at this Ceremony were Director General Dr Vishwa Mahadeo; Sales and Marketing Executive, Banks DIH, Carlton Joao; Blood Donor Recruiter, Rahda Ramdhari; and other members of the National Blood Transfusion Services, the Ministry of Health, and Banks DIH.