Guyana: Labour Ministry praises Region Ten family for earning training certificate from BIT
Guyana: Labour Ministry praises Region Ten family for earning training certificate from BIT || Picture Courtesy: Ministry of Labour of Guyana

Georgetown, Guyana: Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Guyana praises a family from Region Ten who gained training certificate from the Board of Industrial Training. Ministry noted, “Family is the most important support system in good and bad times” is a quote that perfectly describes this lovely family from Linden, Region Ten, who benefited from the training provided by the Board of Industrial Training.”

The post further stated that for individuals living in this region, their decision to participate in the Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation (HDEO) programme was a no-brainer, but it surely describes their power as women seeking a non-traditional career. Becoming certified as a Heavy-Duty Equipment Operator has not only reinforced Leesa Thorne’s career at the agency, but it also opened the door to many prospects.


“She was one of 131 Lindeners who received certification from the Board of Industry Training on Friday, February 24, 2023, at Lichas Hall. The mother of six remarked that her decision to learn another useful skill was influenced by the remarks of the Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton,” the ministry stated.

According to Leesa, his advice to individuals to acquire several skills in order to increase their marketability in the country’s labour sector sealed the deal. With this in mind, she regarded her experience as somewhat difficult but worthwhile because one must be focused and determined to achieve their final goal.

“Being a mother of six, I understand the value of education in today’s culture and how far it can take you. I would encourage people, including my own children, that there is no age at which they should cease taking advantage of educational opportunities,” Leesa said, as per the post.

The ministry outlined that and this is clear since Thorne had the opportunity to acquire training and certification in the Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation (HDEO) programme alongside her two amazing daughters, Simone Thorne and Shenieka Thompson.

It further claimed that Simone told BIT officials that she was nervous about the HDEO programme because it was completely out of her comfort zone. Yet, knowing that her mother and sister would be there to share the experience with her, she does not regret her decision because it opened her eyes to a new world. “I am now working as a Customer Service Representative at a call centre which I truly enjoy, but this programme is where my heart is at now, you know. I truly loved my time at the Board of Industrial Training, and I can’t wait to see how I can put my skills to use,” she said.

Simone emphasised the numerous options that are available to those who become certified professionals after finishing any of the Board of Industrial Training programmes. As a result, she urged people to grasp the advantages of learning technical skills in order to work in the country’s oil and gas business.

It added that Shenieka, on the other hand, decided to receive training in the BIT’s HDEO after a close friend was accepted into the programme in 2021. His experience, she claimed, piqued her interest to the point where she decided to enrol in this intense programme in 2022. “When I first started this programme last year, I had no idea how I’d manage to attend classes while also working. I surrendered the entire situation to God. It was gruelling, challenging, and ultimately rewarding since now I can celebrate my magnificent feat of being an operator.”

Ministry also mentioned that this achievement, she claimed, is also owed in part to the support of her mother and sister, who were able to assist her along the journey when it got incredibly tough to continue. Shenieka aims to seek work for this job to fine-tune her talents and to learn new techniques now that she has the required skills to operate and control such machinery.

She expressed gratitude to the Board of Industrial Training for providing her with the chance to become a qualified Heavy Duty Equipment Operator at no cost. “If I can accomplish it, every other individual, either young or elderly, can do it as well. You will have difficult days throughout training but remember that these abilities will be with you for the rest of your life,” Shenieka stated.

The adventure of these attractive females at the agency, however, does not finish here, as they intend to return to be trained in areas that will complement their existing skills and for that, the agency will be eagerly waiting to convey much-needed knowledge and abilities to make them valuable.