Guyana: Labour Ministry hosts two-day joint Workplace Safely Programme
Guyana: Labour Ministry hosts two-day joint Workplace Safely Programme || Picture Courtesy: Labour Ministry Guyana
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Georgetown, Guyana: The Labour Ministry of the Republic of Guyana recently hosted a two-day joint Workplace Safely Programme to increase the strength of the relation with private businesses.

The ministry, while sharing the information about the programme, stated that the Ministry of Labour continued strengthening its relationship with private businesses to raise health and safety awareness by hosting a two-day Joint Workplace Safety Programme for Fibre Tec Industrial Plastics representatives.

The programme was held in the company conference room and was designed to train members of the Joint Workplace Safety and Health Committee and prepare them to carry out their mandate in the workplace as required by Chapter 99:06 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

The primary goal of programme is to provide representatives with the knowledge as well as skills necessary to develop and maintain safe systems and methods of work, which will ultimately reduce or eliminate workplace accidents.

However, the programme also included other learning objectives, such as enabling participants to demonstrate an understanding of the basic tenets of Occupational safety and health.

They can recognize and evaluate hazards in the workplace and describe measures for their elimination and control; ensuring they can competently conduct accident investigations; and, most importantly, ensuring they know and understand their roles and responsibilities as representatives of the Joint Workplace Safety Committee.

Furthermore, participants can now conduct workplace inspections, conduct accident investigations, and implement measures to control and/or eliminate hazards in their own workplaces.

The workplace and participants would receive certification that would be valid for two years. The programme began with senior officials.

Doodnauth Budhu, factory manager, Fibre Tec Industrial Plastics, Roydon Croal, Senior Occupational Safety, and Health Officer, and Marsha Jacobs, Ministry of Labour, who facilitated this training, in attendance.

Earlier, the labour ministry raised its concern about that incidents happening at the workplaces across the country. The ministry has assured that it will ensure that such incidents will not happen in the future.