Guyana: Labour Ministry introduces Merlyn Hercules, hardworking resident from Region Three
Guyana: Labour Ministry introduces Merlyn Hercules, hardworking resident from Region Three || Picture Courtesy: Labour Ministry of Guyana

Georgetown, Guyana: The Ministry of Labour and the Board of Industrial Training (BIT), introduces Region Three resident Merlyn Hercules, who has been working hard to make the future of her five daughters safe and bright.

The Ministry informed, “After receiving a certification in Garment Construction from the Board of Industrial Training, Region Three resident Merlyn Hercules’ dream to make eye-catching and fashionable clothing for her five daughters became a reality.”


It further stated that however, she began her journey with the assistance of a family member, who informed her of the institution’s numerous training opportunities.

According to the social media post, she finally had the opportunity she had been waiting for, so she decided it was now or never to learn this practical life skill. “My girls appreciate beauty, so if they came across something they liked, they would beg me to make it for them.”

However, I lacked the knowledge or skills necessary to produce anything, and up until I learned about BIT, I always felt guilty about it. “My children were truly the ones that inspired me to do this,” she said.

It was only possible, thanks to the assistance of her trainer, Denise Hill, that she was able to characterize her experience as both terrifying and fulfilling. Hercules is now able to go above and beyond to make the costumes her girls want since she is armed with the requisite skills and knowledge.

As she put it, “It feels amazing to make these dresses and even uniforms for my girls finally, and just by doing this, I am able to save money to buy other goods for them.”

Hercules is currently looking into new opportunities to hone her designing and sewing abilities, so this is not the end for her. After finishing, she wants to start her own business and market her skills to potential clients. She, therefore, recommended people utilize the BIT’s programme to achieve financial independence to support themselves and their families.