Guyana: Labour Ministry conducts labour inspections in mining sites of Region 8
Guyana: Labour Ministry conducts labour inspections in mining sites of Region 8 || Picture Courtesy: Ministry of Labour of Guyana

Georgetown, Guyana: The Ministry of Labour of Guyana has informed about the latest industrial development in Region 8. The informing post by the Ministry of Labour stated that it conducted a series of labour inspections at a number of industrial establishments and, in particular, mining sites in Madhia, Region 8.

The primary objective of the survey was to promote compliance with the labour and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) laws as well as good labour practices so that workers’ rights are upheld.


As per the update, the team was led by the Chief Labour Officer, Dhaneshwar Deonarine, and included Senior Labour Officer, Basdeo, OSH Officer Naipaul, and Labour Officer Clarke. The team also conducted several labour inspections at businesses and companies located around central Madhia.

In addition to this, the ministry mentioned that importantly, the team also visited several mining sites in St Elizabeth/White Hole area and had discussions and exchanges with Miners on the fundamental principles and rights at work with an emphasis on the laws and practices relating to conditions of work such as the national minimum wage, overtime payment, annual leave, severance payment and safety and healthy working environment.

Further, the Labour Ministry of Guyana asserted that Deonarine informed the companies that safety and health should be seen as part of basic human rights and that work and employment are social determinants of health and could yield positive or adverse effects on workers’ health.

While concluding the post, the ministry expressed pleasure towards all the associates and said that the companies expressed gratitude to the Ministry for their visit and guidance provided on their rights and obligations under the labour laws.