Guyana: Gold miner, Richard Kissoon arrested for possessing 15 rounds of ammunition

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Guyana: 27-year-old gold miner Richard Kissoon, resident of Bartica Region 7, was arrested by Bartica Police Station for the offence of possessing 15 rounds of ammunition on Sunday, 4th February 2024.

It is to be noted that the Police were on mobile patrol in the near surrounding of 3rd Avenue Bartica when they observed a heavily-tinted rush motor vehicle PVV 3605. The authorities intercepted the vehicle and observed that the suspect, Richard Kissoon, was driving the vehicle and was the only occupant. 

The officers asked Richard to conduct a search for illegal items, to which Richard Kissoon agreed. Subsequently, the authorities conducted the search of the motor vehicle. During the search, one of the ranked officers found a bulky parcel in the suspect’s right hand. Notably, the parcel was wrapped in white paper and transparent scotch tape. 

While conducting the search of the parcel, the authorities found fifteen (15) .32 rounds of ammunition from Richard Kissoon. The suspect was told of the offence he committed. He was later cautioned and arrested for the same. 

Moreover, the suspect, Richard Kissoon, was taken to the Bartica Police Station, where he is presently in custody assisting with investigations. The authorities of Guyana have promised to conduct a thorough investigation of the matter.

As soon as the news circulated on social media platforms, many people took to their social media accounts and shared their opinions and views on the matter. 

 One person commented, “Why are they scared of a few ammunitions. You people are sick in Western countries where that is legal.”

Another person commented the following: “It is really nice to see the way police officers are strictly performing their duties; we really want them to keep conducting search exercises in order to control the crime rate.”

This is not the first instance of crime recorded in Guyana, as the nation has been continuously witnessing a spike in the crime rate. Noting this, Guyana Police has ensured that the Police team will conduct meetings on the growing crime rates and also said that the Police will come up with a solution to this problem.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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