Guyana: CANU seizes marijuana worth US$119,709 from a cane field

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Georgetown, Guyana: The Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) of the island has seized marijuana worth US$119,709 on December 10, 2021, from a cane field adjacent to the Line Path community in Corentyne, Berbice.

The narcotics unit was on patrolling on December 9 and 10 in the area between the Sandaka pump station, Skeldon and Goat Dam area of the village of Line Path, Corentyne, Berbice, with the motive to look for the routes of drug trafficking.

At the time, the unit officers saw men in the cane field; on approaching the individuals to investigate, they all ran away immediately in different directions and managed to escape.

Although, the unit was able to seize the marijuana in a total of twenty-eight parcels in four brown salt bags, which weighs around 80kg (176lbs).

CANU officials cited, “The officers identified themselves and made attempts to apprehend the persons, but they immediately fled in several directions and made good their escape”.

The information was provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs, noting that, “The aim of these operations were to identify routes utilised for transporting narcotics”.

The investigation has already been started by the agency.

Drug trafficking in the region –

Drug trafficking is a common practice in the region of Central America. The Caribbean region is a major transit area for illicit drugs, primarily cocaine. International drug trafficking has contributed to drug abuse and has increased crime and violence at the local level. Drug-related corruption & money laundering remain issues in many nations.

The 3 main “dangerous drugs” in the Caribbean are – cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. However, only marijuana is being produced in the region. Cultivation also varies from place to place.

The highest levels of production and export of marijuana was once maintained in the islands of Belize and Jamaica. Drug trafficking is giving rise to crime in the region.


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