Guyana Budget 2022: $47.9 billion allocated for public safety and security

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Georgetown, Guyana: This week, the Government of Guyana presented the much-awaited Budget 2022 in the parliament, in which around $47.9 billion has been allocated to ensure the safety and security of the general public. This budget witnessed an increase in the amount allocated for public assistance, school uniform grants as well as cash grants for the students. 

Dr Ashni Singh – the Senior Minister in the Office of President with responsibility for Finance,  presented the budget in the parliament.  

Among this $47.9 billion, a total of $4.9 billion is being allocated to strengthen the assets needed to boost the Police force of the Caribbean and country (Guyana Police Force – GPF). For the construction of a multi-storey brick dam police station, the Guyanese government has assigned $400 million. 

Finance Minister furthermore announced that to expand its “SAFE CITY PROGRAMME” (beyond the boundaries of the capital city), the government has decided to allocate a $2.5 billion sum amount. Meanwhile, a total of $120 million has been assigned to train the officer and other rank officials in the areas such as – crime and traffic management, which will assist the Caribbean island in its battle against crime.  

To revive its ‘Community Policing programme’, a total of $99 million of the sum amount has been allocated by the Guyanese government. In order to provide better facilities and strengthen the prison officers, this time, $2.3 billion are being allocated for the enhancement of the public infrastructure. 

Apart from this, a total of $88.9 million summations has been designated to provide training to more than 1400 inmates in numerous areas such as – anger management, literacy, numeracy and tailoring. 

People’s Progressive Party government outlined that it is working steadfastly against every challenge hurled in their path to resolute in “building one Guyana” and to enhance the standard of living of the general public. 



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