Guyana: BIT provides certificates to 22 residents of Port KaitumaGuyana: BIT provides certificates to 22 residents of Port Kaituma
Guyana: BIT provides certificates to 22 residents of Port Kaituma || Picture Courtesy: Labour Ministry of Guyana

Georgetown, Guyana: The Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Guyana and the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) has stated that twenty-two residents of Port Kaituma, Region One, are certified in Cosmetology through the Board of Industrial Training.

The Ministry further mentioned that the graduates received their certification in the presence of Prime Minister Representative Margaret Lambert, Deputy Regional Executive Officer (DREO) Shem Cuffy, Chairman of the Matarkai Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Region One, Orlando Thorne, Senior Technical Officer of the Board of Industrial Training, Bevon Shepherd, Technical Officer with responsibility for Region One, Trevi Leung and other officials were present at the ceremony.

It added that Shepherd, Senior Technical Officer, thanked the graduates for taking advantage of the agency’s free training programmes to equip themselves with the necessary skills to become employable.

He did, however, point out that today’s event is only the beginning of their journey to fully realize their potential as Guyana citizens. This step, he said, is important not only for the government’s efforts to empower its people but also for the country’s development.

“As a result, Shepherd advised them to enrol in programmes that would supplement their existing skills. This includes stepping out of their comfort zone to participate in hard skills programmes like Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation or Welding and Fabrication,” Lambert, PM Representative, expressed similar sentiments, according to the Ministry of Labour.

The Ministry also mentioned that she encouraged the graduates to continue developing themselves in any way that would make them marketable. Lambert emphasized that this positive impact will continue as part of the government’s commitment to developing a skilled workforce to capitalize on opportunities in the country’s emerging industries.