Guyana: 30-year-old stabbed to death over acquisition of extra marital affair. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Guyana: 30-year-old stabbed to death over acquisition of extra marital affair

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Georgetown, Guyana: An argument over alleged extramarital affair led to the death of a 30-year-old fisherman. The incident is reported to have taken place on Sunday, where a 29-year-old suspect blamed the victim for having an affair with the mother of his child.

The victim has been identified as Avienash Singh, a Fisherman of Charity Squatting area, Essequibo Coast. Meanwhile, the suspect is also a fisherman from the same area but his name has not been revealed yet by the officers.

As per the details shared by the authorities, Avienash was along with his friend imbibing alcohol at a shop which was operated by the child’s mother of the suspect. On the other hand, the suspect was drinking at another table in the same shop.

After some time, the victim was seen collecting his ID and bank card from the shop owner before leaving the place. Subsequently, the suspect followed the victim and slapped several times on the face of the victim. After that, the 29-year-old suspect took out a knife from the waist of his right-side pants and attacked the victim three times to his chest.

Following the attack on him, the victim was picked up in an unconscious manner and was taken to the Charity Cottage Hospital where the doctors on duty examined him thoroughly and provided best medical amenities. However, the victim succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical treatment from the doctors.

Following this terrifying incident, the suspect made a good escape, but he failed to run away from the clutches of the police and was detained by them. He is currently assisting the police in their further investigation, and the authorities have promised to punish the culprit for the offence he committed.

Several residents of Guyana flooded social media accounts with their views and opinions on this act of crime. One person wrote “Charity was very nice place to live not with so much increase in crime activity, the place has become terrible to live in.”

Another person commented the following “My deepest condolences to the deceased soul and I really don’t understand why the hell people drink too much and get intoxicated very quickly.”