Guyana: 2 policemen charged for demanding bribery, sent to custody

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Two policemen in Guyana were remanded over bribery allegations on Wednesday.

The two policemen, identified as Police Constable Julian Smartt and Winston Williams, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate Court before Chief Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs- Marcus.

Notably, the Constables Smartt and Williams, agents of the government, tried to obtain $150,000 from Qi Li Lin to forgo prosecution for the following offences:

–         Restriction on handheld devices used while driving

–         Uninsured motor vehicle

–         Unlicensed motor vehicle

–         An act in relation to the principal duty

Both the constable officers are accused of committing the crimes at the Prashad Nagar Police Outpost.

Attorneys-at-Law Patrice Henry and Jevon Cox fought the case for Constables Smartt and Williams. The petition for bail was signed for both the constables by the attorneys at law.

However, the Police legal advisor, Attorney-at-law Mandel Moore, objected to the court’s decision to grant them bail by pointing at the seriousness of the constable’s offences.

Subsequently, Mandel Moore’s request was granted and both policemen were refused bail and both of them were taken into custody.

It was stated by the magistrate that both the offenders were refused bail because of the serious nature of the offence and for the sake of public interest.

Moreover, the next hearing of the case will be conducted on 20th December 2023.

As per the information, Qi Li Lin lost $8 million when the robbery was committed, for which policemen were arrested following a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

As per the reports of the officers, the evidence revealed that both policemen conspired with the main offender against Qi Li Lin.

The Police officer said, “After the robbery was committed, Smartt and Williams, both of them were on motorcycles and in uniform when they were seen escorting the suspects to an area in Georgetown, Rasville”.

Therefore, both the higher-ranked officers were apprehended and investigated by the authorities.

Furthermore, investigators are currently making efforts to arrest the main offender.

As per the reports, a file has been prepared and has been sent forward to the Police Legal Advisor, Mandel Moore. He stated that there are enough proofs to charge both accused jointly with the crime.

It was further clarified by the sources that the Policemen have not been charged in relation to the robbery; they have been charged guilty of attempting to accept bribes.

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