Mark Allen who got arrested initially has been released on bail. Picture Credits: Fb account

Culprits getting released on bail in Guyana

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Mark Allen, a 31-year-old security guard and resident of Lot 73 Friendship, East Coast Demerara was apprehended by the officials of Guyana.

He was arrested for the following offences:

  • He was charged with Robbery with violence under section 222 of the Criminal Law Offences Act Chapter 8:01
  • He was also apprehended on the charge of unlawful wounding under section 50 of the Criminal law offences Act Chapter 8:01

The accused was taken to the Vigilance Magistrate Court #1 and was presented to the Magistrate F Azore where he was read with the charges.

However, he pleaded not guilty and he was released on a bail. Bail was granted to him under certain conditions:

  • He had to pay $25,000 for the unlawful wounding
  • $50,000 bail for the Robbery with Violence.

The case has been adjourned till 15th January 2024 for the statement and the report.

Many people reacted to this matter:

One person commented: They need to stop making the judicial system a joke by letting criminals out on bail that commit these crimes instead of letting them out on bail. Jail them.

Another person commented: The Judicial system in this country contributes to crime. Lost them away in jail. He robs many times again before the next court date. Only in Guyana.

A person commented: All of them taking the security guard work and doing robbery. No bail should have been granted and put E up for Christmas.

Moreover, it is not the first time that the culprits are getting released on bail. A few days back, another such incident occurred in which a man, Ahmad Ally aged 37-year-old resident of Peters Hall, East Bank Demerara was arrested for circulating the video of two Venezuelan nationals. Both individuals were Venezuelan nationals who were forced to admit that they were thieves and were asked to strip naked and walk down the road.

Ally was charged for the offences:

  • Under the charge of causing body harm, contrary to Section 49 of the Criminal Law Offences Act, chapter 8:01.
  • For circulating the images of a private area of a person, contrary to Section 16(2) (a) of the Cybercrime Act 2018.
  • Assault under Section 43 of the Criminal Law Offences Act, Chapter 8:01.

Ally was then taken to the Diamond/Golden Grove Magistrate’s court before Senior Magistrate Sunil Scarce. He was also released on a bail.

He was granted the bail under the following conditions:

  • $ 200,000 for the cybercrime offences
  • $40,000 for causing bodily harm
  • $20,000 for assaulting

Thus, such incidents highlight how the judicial system is releasing criminals and not punishing them appropriately for their crimes.