Guadeloupe to remain under strict lockdown for next 3 weeks

Barbados log 183 fresh COVID-19 cases on island
Barbados log 183 fresh COVID-19 cases on island

After experiencing the increase in the COVID-19 cases in Guadeloupe, the government of Guadeloupe had imposed a partial lockdown in the state. For the coming three weeks, this restriction would remain in effect. 

The new measure would come into effect from August 4, 2021. The authorities declared the evening curfew with timing from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am. The government also restrict travelling out of 10 km radius.

All public places like stadiums, bars, gyms and pools have been ordered to be closed. Restaurants should only do their service at lunchtime. The other shops have been permitted by the government of Guadeloupe to be opened. 

The director-general of Guadeloupe’s regional health agency Valerie Denux stated the COVID-19 cases had been increased within the last 3 weeks. The island has an average of 3000 new cases every week on the island. They have been in a catastrophic situation.

After Guadeloupe, another Caribbean French island Martinique has again announced the lockdown on the island for the coming three weeks. The lockdown had been started on Friday.

France has also been experiencing the fourth wave of COVID-19. The half of the population has been fully immunized. On the other hand, the figure for the cases is much lower in the French overseas territories. 

President of France Emmanuel Macron has solved misinformation about vaccines. As on Monday, the president joins the social media platforms like Instagram, Tik-Tok. These misinformations were in the news for a long time.

Many countries have faced the problem related to the increase in the numbers of COVID-19. Similarly, the Commonwealth of Dominica had announced new protocols, according to which Dominica would remain under strict lockdowns for the next 7 days. These protocols would be forced after a cluster of 12 positive cases discovered in Pottersville, Dominica.

The cluster was discovered after many individuals illegally entered the country and participated in bikers activity in Pottersville. After these bikers, activity Ministry of Health urged all those who were present at the event to get tested and being responsible, 200 people get themselves tested. 10 COVID-19 positives cases have been reported, those were associated with the bikers event, and 2 cases were imported, with this, the total number of cases reached 12