311 active COVID-19 cases in isolation: Irving McIntyre

Dominica: COVID-19 cluster of 6 new COVID-19 cases reported in Portsmouth

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After discovering the new cluster of COVID-19 in Portsmouth, the government of Dominica had imposed the new restrictions. While following these restrictions, all public gatherings have been cancelled. The minister of health and wellness, Dr Irving McIntyre, noted that the citizens should not panic.

Minister of Health Wellness and New Health Investment, Dr Irving McIntyre, said that there have been 6 new COVID-19 cases discovered in Portsmouth that had been added to the active cases and total cases reach 16.

Dr Irving McIntyre said that 6 new COVID-19 cases that have been discovered are having connections with the cases found on July 28 2021. On that day 3 people came to the hospital reporting about symptoms similar to the flu, and when their antigen tests were conducted and when the result came 2 people came positive

The 2 positive reported persons were admitted to the St James COVID-19 isolation unit. Health Minister Dr Irving McIntyre said that those new cases might be having a connection to illegal entry. He also said that people had let their guards down against the pandemic.

The government of Dominica has cancelled all social gatherings on festive occasions.

Due to the increasing coronavirus cases, the government has decided to cancel all social and festive gatherings for the weekend, including church services in Capuchin to Dublanc. Minister has also asked all churches around the island to strictly adhere to protocols, including wearing face masks and social distancing.

Minister assured that the people must not panic as the government has been reviewing the situation proactively and carrying out an aggressive contact tracing programme.

All sports like football matches scheduled for have been called off, including Valvoline they united vs LA Stars on Saturday, and Sagicor South East vs Happi Bath Estate carded for Sunday.

Health Minister Dr McIntyre advised people to follow the health guidelines, including wearing face masks strictly, maintaining 6-feet distance, washing hands, keeping frequently touched surfaces sanitized and consulting health officials.