Dominica under strict curfew for next 7 days: PM Skerrit

Dominica under strict curfew for next 7 days: PM Skerrit
Dominica under strict curfew for next 7 days: PM Skerrit

New strict COVID-19 protocols have been imposed on citizens of Dominica. According to the new protocols, Dominica would remain under strict lockdowns for the next 7 days. These protocols would be forced after a cluster of 12 positive cases discovered in Pottersville, Dominica.

The cluster was discovered after many individuals illegally entered the country and participated in bikers activity in Pottersville. After these bikers, activity Ministry of Health urged all those who were present at the event to get tested and being responsible, 200 people get themselves tested. 10 COVID-19 positives cases have been reported, those were associated with the bikers event, and 2 cases were imported, with this, the total number of cases reached 12 in Dominica. The government of Dominica, to decrease the number of cases, have announced the new strict measures.

PM Skerrit said that the Ministry of Health had recommended some measures to mitigate the COVID-19 virus spread in Dominica that has been accepted by the cabinet.

Following the new measures, PM Skerrit declared that curfew would be in effect from 3rd August 2021. The timings of the curfew will be from 6:00 pm in the evening to 5:00 am in the morning. The curfew on weekends would begin at 5:00 pm on Saturday and end on Monday at 5:00 am.

All non-essential businesses would remain close on the island until the date will be notified. The essential workers would be allowed to go to their work the list of the essential workers to be released in the evening. Some businesses would be allowed to open their business from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm. the owner should take care of the social distancing with 6 feet gap between the people. The number of customers should be limited more than 4 customers would be allowed.

All bars to remain closed along with this, the restaurants and bars would not be permitted for inside dining. Consumption of alcohol has been prohibited in public.

PM Skerrit said that churches and other places of worship to remain close. There have been only 10 people allowed on a funeral on the other hand not more than 5 people allowed in weddings. PM added that the social gathering would not be permitted on the island, which includes parties, sporting events, meetings of any club members. The government had restricted public transport that they could not have more than 3 people on their vehicle. The airport and seaport are allowed to remain open.

The citizens have been urged to follow the physical measure to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Every citizen should wear a mask because now police have been authorised to ticket the person who would not follow the COVID-19 measures. Avoid moving from home to home, avoid family visits
If citizens have flulike symptoms, they can call the hotline at 448 2151, 448 2153, 448
2156, 611 43 25, or 1 800 219, so you could get tested.