Discover Dominica launched "Bucket List" campaign for the foreign travelers

Discover Dominica launched “Bucket List” campaign for the foreign travelers

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New updations have been given regarding the Dominica Bucket list campaign. Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) was preparing to launch an exciting new campaign, ‘My Dominica Bucket’s List’, stated a few days back by Dominica’s Tourism Minister, Denise Charles.

Dominica ensured the complete safety of the travellers on their island against the COVID-19 pandemic. Dominica has been a nature-rich island with different tourist spots along with many adventurous activities. Dominica has been awarded the safe travel destination by the World Tourism Travel Council. Now Dominica has been added to the UK’s gree list. CDC has recognised Dominica as a Level 1 safe destination for Travelers.

The travellers who wanted to travel to Dominica could make their own’s bucket list of activities and the tourist spot. The bucket list might be previously arranged, or the person who wants to travel to Dominica could make their own bucket list. The person can choose all activities from one category or 1 activity from each category. There are 5 main categories that include adventure, culture & heritage, wellness, food & drink, and the last category is aqua. Once the selection has been done from each category, the traveller might click on the submission to make the Dominica Bucket List. All information should be filled carefully to complete the process.

According to the region from which they are coming, the traveller can choose the airline facility on the same site and could also book the accommodations in Dominica that have been marked as safe for the travellers.

In this time of the pandemic when many countries have been imposing lockdowns as well as restrictions on travelling to mitigate the effect of the COVID-19 virus spread. Now the countries like the Commonwealth of Dominica have been opening their island for travellers with complete safety measures against the COVID-19 virus. The government of Dominica had ensured the travellers that the island and the tourist spot of Dominica had been fully protected from the COVID-19 virus, which has been the reason for being within the world 12 countries with fewer COVID-19 cases.