Grenada to witness elections on June 23: PM Mitchell
Grenada to witness elections on June 23: PM Mitchell

Grenada: Grenada Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell has asked the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament on May 16 2022 (Monday).

The governor-general will issue the writ for elections on the very next day, May 17, 2022 (Tuesday), as per the Prime Minister.

PM Mitchell further announced that Grenadians would go to the polls on June 23, 2022 (Thursday).

As per the shared advisory, the candidates will be nominated on June 1, 2022 (Wednesday), and the police officers of Grenada will vote on June 1, 2022 (Wednesday).

Elections were last held in Grenada in March 2018.

Amid all this, the Parliamentary Elections Office (PEO) advised the general public that an elector who does not replace his or her expired voter identification card cannot be denied his or her right to vote on Election Day.

The “right of a person to vote” speaks to ‘if on polling day, he is qualified and registered as an elector in that constituency, and his name appears on the current list to be used for that constituency’.

The presentation of the voter identification card is required to verify the identity of the individual who is voting.

Therefore, electors are asked to present their voter identification cards before receiving a ballot.

“Any elector who holds an expired identification card with an expiry date: of January 31, 2020, can present such card when requested to present his or her voter identification card. Any elector who is unable to produce his or her voter identification card because one was not issued, or it was either lost or destroyed; will be required to take an oath before receiving his or her ballot,” informs the PEO.

The PEO remains committed to the replacement of expired identification cards and continuous registration.

It further advised the public that the official source of election information is the parliamentary elections office; therefore, it must be guided accordingly.