Grenada: Through an arrangement between the Government of Grenada and the Kingdom of Morocco, the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Forestry, offers for sale to registered farmers, the following fertilisers in one hundred-pound (100lb.) bags:

1. Triple Super Phosphate (TSP)

2. Triple super phosphate (TSP)

3. Mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP)

4. Di- ammonium phosphate (DAP)

5. NPSB – contains 18 percent nitrogen 37.7 percent phosphate and 6 percent sulphate

Procedure for the purchase of Fertilisers:

1. Fertilisers will be distributed from the Mirabeau Propagation Station, Mirabeau, St Andrew from 9:00 am – 12 noon daily.

2. Distribution began on May 3, 2022 (Tuesday), and will continue while supplies last.

3. Fertilisers will be sold only to register farmers upon presentation of the Ministry of Agriculture issued Farmers’ ID Card.

4. Farmers will be sold a maximum of five (5) bags of fertilisers. Requests for larger quantities will have to be approved by the Extension Division, Ministry of Agriculture.

Farmers are encouraged to use the fertiliser as recommended by the technicians at the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Forestry.