Grenada to host AgriVest 2024 for sustainable agriculture future

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St George, Grenada: The Ministry of Agriculture is gearing up for the upcoming National Agriculture Investment Symposium (AgriVest) 2024, which is scheduled for January 24, 2024, under the theme “Reimagining Agriculture.”

The event pledges to bring together a wide range of stakeholders to explore, innovate and collaborate in the field of agriculture.

Apart from being just a symposium, the AgriVest 2024 is a movement to transform the agricultural landscape. The theme of the one-day event aims to foster discussion on various critical topics such as policy reforms, Investment opportunities, sustainable practices and the future of farming in Grenada.

Key takeaways of AgriVest 2024

AgriVest 2024 starts at 8:00 am and goes to 7:00 pm on Wednesday. Some of the highlights of the event are as follows,

  1. Manifold audience: AgriVest 2024 welcomes people from all age groups who are interested in agriculture, finance, innovation, networking and investment. The fest is open to all individuals, such as farmers, policymakers, researchers, agro-processers and industry processors.
  2. Guest speakers: The event will host renowned or famous experts and thought leaders who will share insights on the importance of agricultural investment and sustainable practices.
  3. Demonstrations: A presentation on the Financial Services Sector, available financing options, Grenada’s Agriculture Plan from 2024-2029, and Technological advancements in the agricultural field will be displayed.
  4. Interactive Sessions: The main highlight of AgriVest 2024 is that people are supposed to be involved in panel discussions, workshops and Q&A sessions. It will help them cover public-private partnerships, technological advancements, access to finance, and much more.
  5. Opportunities offered: This event will offer many opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals to explore investment prospects and build valuable partnerships.
  6. The upheaval of the farming sector: Individuals will be given an opportunity to discover innovative farming practices and cutting-edge technologies, which will boost agriculture and shape its future.

Moreover, the Ministry of Agriculture is committed to promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange among various stakeholders in Grenada’s agricultural sector.

Noting this, AgriVest 2024 aligns with the goal of making agriculture attractive and engaging while also ensuring that farmers are valued and taken seriously.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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