Grenada's Ministry of Agriculture prepares for plant distribution season launch

Grenada’s Ministry of Agriculture Prepares for Plant Distribution Season Launch

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St George’s, Grenada: Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives of Grenada is all set to celebrate the launch of the Plant Distribution Season. According to the recent update by the Ministry, it provided the interested candidates (farmers) details regarding the latest plant list.

“In anticipation of launch on July 27, 2023, of the Plant Distribution Season, we are providing you with the latest plant list for your reference,” the Ministry informed through social media post.

The following points were stated by the Agriculture Ministry:

– Farmers who have submitted applications for plants can start purchasing plants from Monday, July 31.

– Farmers with approved applications will receive calls inviting them to visit the stations and buy plants during the first week of sale (July 31 – August 4). The sale will run from 8 am to 1 pm daily.

– For the sale of cocoa and nutmeg, approval from GCA and GCNA extension officers is required.

– The general public will be able to purchase plants starting from August 7.

– Plant sales will continue from July 31 until supplies last at all stations. However, payments for plants can only be made at Ashenden, Boulogne, and Maran stations on specific days as follows:

  • Ashenden Station: July 31 to August 4, and subsequently on Thursday only
  • Maran Station: July 31 to August 4 only
  • Boulogne Station: July 31 to August 4 only

– Payments for plants from Ashenden, Maran, and Boulogne on days not listed above should be made at the Inland Revenue Department or the nearest revenue office. Prior to making payments outside of the station, farmers must confirm plant availability by contacting the respective stations.