Grenada's Curious Little Hands 2023: Promoting healthy diets

Grenada’s Curious Little Hands 2023: Promoting healthy diets

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St George’s, Grenada: Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives updated the general public about the Grenada Food and Nutrition Council’s and SAEP Grenada’s Curious Little Hands in the kitchen.

It shared its excitement and stated, “We are thrilled to update you on the GFNC’s summer camp, Curious Little Hands in the Kitchen 2023.”

As per the update shared by the Ministry of Grenada, this three-week programme places special emphasis on Grenada’s Food Based Dietary Guidelines, with a focus on promoting a low sodium intake and increasing the consumption of delicious fruits and vegetables in the diet.

The camp offers a diverse range of activities, including devotions, sign language sessions, theory-based cooking lessons, and of course, plenty of hands-on experiences in the kitchen; the update informed the general public of the nation.

Furthermore, it was stated that the amazing young participants learnt age-appropriate tips on preparing child-friendly recipes that can be easily made at home with little to no supervision. The goal is to inspire a love for healthy cooking from a young age.

Along with this, the Agricultural Ministry shared a glimpse of the activities done by the participants. It highlighted that the day was very productive and fruitful and brought together people of similar interests.

“The curious little hands proudly prepared some scrumptious carrot muffins and peanut butter delights. Their enthusiasm and creativity in the kitchen were truly inspiring,” the Ministry expressed.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives also expressed their views on the fishing practices. According to the Ministry, for more than three decades, Grenada’s Fisheries (Fishing Vessels Safety) Regulation has been in effect. However, with significant changes in the sector, such as the use of larger boats and extended fishing excursions, there is a need to revise the regulations to align with the current industry standards.

The recent validation workshop marked the concluding phase of this process. Manager of the Sauteurs Fish Market, Michael Grant, highlights the implications of these changes for the fishers and their livelihoods.