Grenada Meteorological Service focuses on Saharan dust plume

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A Saharan dust plume has forced the Grenada Meteorological Service to issue a dense haze advisory, to warn citizens of potential hazards.

The Grenada Meteorological Service has stated that it continues to monitor the situation, which has been caused due to the movement of strong winds that have carried dust from the Sahara Desert in North Africa, across the Atlantic, all the way to the Caribbean region.

Satellite observations and model data would suggest that these conditions will persist for the next 24 hours at the very least.

The Grenada Meteorological Service has advised individuals who suffer from respiratory illness to remain vigilant. The service will continue to track the progression of the dust plume and has warned of limited visibility.

The situation is not ideal and it has been suggested by the authorities that it would be ill-advised to go out when the conditions are bad.

Medical facilities are prepared to deal with the effects of such conditions on those who suffer from respiratory illness as the dust plume can trigger severe reactions.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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