Grenada: Agriculture Ministry takes steps to enhance food security
Grenada: Agriculture Ministry takes steps to enhance food security || Picture Courtesy: Ministry of Agriculture - Grenada (Facebook)
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St George’s, Grenada: The Ministry of Agriculture & Lands, Fisheries & Cooperatives of Grenada has recently taken up a step to strengthen and enhance food security in the nation. It has stated that this newly implemented project, titled ‘Grenada Food Security Enhancement Project’.

The Ministry took it to social media and mentioned, “Strengthening Grenada’s Food Security!”

“We continue to keep you informed of Grenada Food Security Enhancement Project, a game-changer for agriculture and the nation’s food security!” it added.

As per the update shared by the Ministry of Agriculture, this project will depend on seven key components, which are as follows:

1. Cold storage facilities for optimal food preservation.
2. Advancements in agro-processing techniques for increased efficiency.
3. Boosting food crop production for a thriving agricultural sector.
4. Support livestock and poultry production to meet local demand.
5. Empowering small-scale fishers to contribute to sustainable seafood supply.
6. Upgrading farm infrastructure and machinery and combatting praedial larceny.
7. Comprehensive technical support and training to enhance skills and knowledge.

The Ministry has also mentioned that each component is a standalone component but fully integrated into an overall project to be implemented within a twelve-month cycle.

The objective of the project is to contribute to the enhancement of food and nutrition security in Grenada by:
• Increasing crop production
• Providing for the storage and later processing or utilization of cultivated agricultural produce
• Increasing the production of livestock, poultry and fish, and
• A reduction in the food import bill

The Ministry further outlined that these components work together seamlessly, forming an integrated project that will be implemented within a twelve-month cycle.

“By focusing on these areas, we aim to fortify Grenada’s agriculture sector, ensuring a robust and reliable food supply for our country,” he outlined.

The Agriculture Ministry, while concluding its message, conveyed to stay tuned for updates as we embark on this crucial journey towards a more food-secure future.