Government to reopen the borders from 17 July: Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago re-opens the border after 16 month closure
Trinidad and Tobago re-opens the border after 16 month closure

The government of Trinidad and Tobago supposed to reopen its border for travellers from July 17 but also warned that the non-vaccinated people would not be allowed to enter the country.

PM Keith Rowley, while speaking at the conference, said that the reopening of the Piarco International Airport to scheduled would only take 3 types of person there.

Rowley said that they had been expected to recognize three categories of people. Category One are citizens of Trinidad, and Tobago vaccinated. Category Two, citizens of Trinidad and Tobago unvaccinated and Category Three, other persons vaccinated. The exact date in July, they have expected to be Saturday, July 17, that’s when they expect to go back to scheduled services, open their borders to those categories of people.

PM Keith Rowley said that those citizens or residents who have been arriving without getting vaccinated must go into state-supervised quarantine for almost 14 days, and they should be to enter unvaccinated. They might be able to show proof of a PCR test not older than 72 hours.

PM Keith Rowley said that the children who would be unvaccinated would be only allowed to enter the country if they are being accompanied by fully vaccinated parents or guardians.

PM Rowley said that there had also been planning to follow other Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries and implement a digitalized system where persons wishing to travel would provide their personal information as requested with an app that would be available as the person books the flight with the airline that person has been using.

The government also revealed that it has been satisfied with the continuing national vaccination program and asked people to accept the vaccines in order to support the further reopening of the country.

Trinidad and Tobago have been expected to get 4,000 doses of vaccines from St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the next couple of days that PM Rowley said Kingstown had been unable to use because of the close expiry date.