Foreigner among 4 held as cops seize gun in operation.

Firearm recovered during police patrolling in Portland: four men, one foreigner arrested 

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Kingston, Jamaica: Four men, including a foreign national, were arrested in connection with possessing a 9mm Ruger Pistol and ammunition in Peng Beach at Portland on Sunday. 

As per the details shared by Manchioneal police officers, they were patrolling in the Manchioneal area in Portland around 3:40 pm. During guarding, they saw a white Suzuki Swift motor car, which was boarded by four men. 

The investigating team doubted the individuals as the car driver started acting in a manner that aroused the suspicion of the police as soon as they observed the officers. The ranks asked them to stop the vehicle. 

Noting this, the police conducted a search inside the car, and upon searching, they recovered one 9mm Ruger Pistol with a magazine containing nine 9mm rounds of ammunition. They found the firearm in a brown one-strap bag below the seat of the driver. 

In responding to the matter, the officials immediately took all three men into police custody and seized their vehicle. Further investigation of the incident is ongoing. 

Additionally, people across the island lauded the tireless work of police officers in tackling the crimes through their comments on social media (Facebook).

While reacting to the news, a person named Ewart Samuels commented, “The police seem to be doing well since 2024 start. Congratulations to all members.”

Another FB user by the name of Chris Gowkaran, wrote, “Well done, officers. Excellent work. Send the culprits to jail and continue yur exercises to finish crimes in our country.”

Moreover, the authorities in Jamaica urged the public to unite and stand against the increasing crimes and violence in the country that has been threatening the nation’s civil liberties. There is a need to take strict action, and laws should be strictly followed as well in order to deal with such terrible cases. 

Nowadays, crimes happen on every alternative day, which risks the lives of the common people and is a threat to the nation and its citizens.