Fire Alert: Berbice pensioner suffers $25M loss due to fire outburst

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Georgetown, Guyana: A well-known teacher and Berbice Pensioner, Ameena Bacchus, is  $25 million in losses after a fire destroyed her house and another property at Port Mourant in Corentyne Berbice on Tuesday night.

It is to be added in the remarks of Guyana Daily News, a privately owned media outlet, that the fire started around 22:00 hours.

Notably, Sarfraz Beekham, another resident who lives opposite the burnt buildings in Berbice, told the reporters that he was at home when he heard a weird sound, and he immediately ran to investigate the matter.

Noting this, upon checking, he found 43-year-old Tookant Deoaaran’s house overtaken by the flames. Beekhan further added that Deoaaran died after he was trapped in the fire.

It is to be noted that the fire spread to Bacchus’s property in a matter of minutes. As soon as neighbours noticed that, they hurriedly rescued her and helped her to get out of the burning building.

Unfortunately, Ameena’s property was completely destroyed by the fire.

In due course of time, the Rose Hall Town Fire Station was alerted, and firefighters responded. They arrived at the scene and somehow managed to handle the situation.

Further, Ameen’s son, Mohammed Bacchus, told the reporters that his mother was living alone in the concrete and wooden house.

“With the house and everything inside, she lost about $25 in the fire”, Bacchus remarked.

He further added that Deoaaran was a private teacher, and he had known him for years. “He was a very good person. He used to teach at the Berbice Islamic School.”

Moreover, the Guyana Fire Service has yet to determine the origin of the fire and how it started.

This news has been shared on various social media pages, and people across the country have shared their opinions and expressed their support for the victim.

While reacting to the news, a person named as Rohanie Gaj wrote, “Well who feels it knows it but who cares about Guyanese people who lost their who and love ones everyday n yet nothing happen to prevent it.”

While expressing the support, another person commented, “Jesus christ sorry for your loss.”

Ana Allen
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