FBI arrests 3 Floridian nationals for exporting illegal weapons to Haitian gang

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FBI has detained three Floridian nationals for conspiracy, smuggling, and exporting illegal weapons to the island of Haiti.

Names of the detainees are – Eiliane Tunis (citizen of U.S., residing in Florida), Jocelyn Dor (a Haitian citizen who resides in the Orlando area), and Walder St. Louis (a Haitian citizen who lives in Florida).

The United States District Court in Washington, D.C. has filed a complaint against the three individuals, which notes that suspects were buying the “firearms and ammunition, from the United States and then supplied it to members of the – 400 Mawozo gang in Haiti. This is the same Haitian gang who kidnapped 17 U.S. and Canadian missionaries (which also includes children).

The three men would take orders of weapons from the Haitian gang and then roamed across Florida, including Orlando, to buy pistols, assault rifles and a Barrett fifty calibre rifle, FBI informed, noting that this all costs as much as $15,000. The guns were shipped to Haiti by hiding them in barrels.

According to the complaint, one of the suspects (Dor) texted, “I want those bullets. When you shoot, they’re like bombs. They do so much damage. It’s so powerful it catches fire like a bomb.”

Jocelyn Dor would appear in the federal court in Orlando Friday afternoon for his detainment hearing, as the case has been now moved to Washington. Till then, he will remain in federal custody at the Orange County Jail. While the other two suspects were detained at the beginning of November.

The complaint further cites, “The same Haitian gang kidnapped 16 American missionaries last month heading to a local orphanage near Port-au-Prince was obtaining hand-picked tactical weapons delivered to them in Haiti, bought illegally in Florida”.

It’s been more than three weeks, and the kidnapped missionaries are still not rescued. The gang leader asked to pay a ransom amount of $17 million.