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Saint Lucia: Travel Saint Lucia featured a video by Nasha Smith, an island girl and travel and lifestyle writer from Saint Lucia. She shared the video on her Instagram account @naturallynasha, exploring some of the tourist spots in the region.

Nasha Smith shared a small vlog including all the activities which she did in an entire day. She mentioned that she had the best day ever. She further added that she started her day with a staple Saint Lucian breakfast of bakes and saltfish.

Embarking on a day’s journey, she had the traditional food of the country, highlighting the heritage of the region. Also, she laid an emphasis on cocoa tea which is one of the popular drinks of the region.

“You cannot come to Saint Lucia basically without having these two,” mentioned an island girl considering her breakfast.

Then, she moved to the Colombette, where one can have the best views of the pitons, offering extreme pleasure to the eyes of the viewer. Leaving the perfect viewing point, she moved further to her journey.

And headed over to Soufriere and visited The Mango Tree Restaurant, Stonefield Villa Resort. The place offers stunning views, authentic Saint Lucian Food and organic farm-to-farm-to-table dining. 

Further, she left for the community of Fond Gens Libre at Au Poye Park, which is along the trail of the iconic Au Poye Park. At the place, one can find the best-handcrafted ice cream on the island made from local fruits. This super delicious ice cream presented an extreme pleasure for which she even thanked the one who made this.

“Thank you, Charmaine,” she said.

Moving ahead to the day filled with peace, she moved to Botanical Gardens and Diamond Falls, which she mentioned were peaceful and relaxing places. This place offers mineral baths, a waterfall, a natural old mill and a water wheel. 

The place remains open all seven days a week, however, the timings for Sunday differ as from Monday to Saturday, it is open from 10 am to 4 pm and on Sundays, it is open from 10 am to 3 pm.

Further, she had a therapeutic mud bath at Sulphur Springs, where she got painted with cute little hearts on her face as well. Finally, concluding the journey, she went to Sugar Beach.

“Sugar Beach is the perfect place to end with the stunning view,” she said.

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