Emma Hippolyte leads delegation at MSME International Event, aims to strengthen private sector

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The Minister for Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs- Emma Hippolyte, represented Saint Lucia at the Eighth Inter-American Dialogue of High-Level MSME Authorities in Washington DC. 

The conference was attended by various representatives of the public and private sector and aimed to Expand International Market and seeking opportunities to enhance the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). 

Minister Hippolyte participated in a panel discussion with primary focus to provide women access to finance. She also touched various topics of concerns regarding the challenges faced by the women, especially in women-owned enterprises. 

Noting this, she discussed about the measures needs to be taken to combat such challenges and ease the working of the women in the country. 

Further topics were discussed, including talks regarding financing, networking, digital transformation, technical support, and other opportunities to foster the MSME and widen the business ecosystem in the Americas and the Caribbean. 

The visit of the Ministry of Commerce, Hippolyte outlined their unwavering commitment and dedication to promoting the private sector in Saint Lucia.

Small Business Development Centre is the stimulus to enhance growth and promote trade exports which could bringing out modernisation and evolution, benefitting several local businesses.

Additionally, members from the private sector are working diligently to enhance the sale of their products, which will bring advancements to their business. 

Recently, a team from both the public and private of Saint Lucia participated in Routes America in Bogota. The primary focus of their participation was to enhance and foster the country’s tourism sector. 

They got an opportunity to expand their businesses in an international market, which boost the accessibility of their products. The local entrepreneurs held talks with various persons and sought new collaborations that will ease smooth travelling in their nation. 

In addition, the tourism sector of the Saint Lucia is considered as one of the powerful pillars of the economic growth of the island nation. Keeping this in mind, the Tourism Ministry left no stone unturned and work dedicatedly in order to ensure the overall development of the country. 

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