Dominican Sports Council make announcement to Step-up to Global level. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Dominican Sports Council make announcement to Step-up to Global level

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Government of Dominica has taken an essential leap to develop sports-related conditions within the nation by laying the foundation of the National Sports Council. This step was taken to ensure upliftment of the local sports and to bring on new opportunities for young athletic enthusiasts.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports, and Community Development, Senator Oscar George made the announcement, focusing on the importance of enhancing athletic talent and promoting sports all over the nation, at all levels. The idea of the formation of the National Sports Council followed considerable consultations with key stakeholders, that included, administrators, athletes, and coaches.

In addition, a task force comprising of experts has contributed insights to shape the Council’s working, that seems quite valuable.

President of the Dominica Olympic Committee and a former International Cricket umpire, Billy Doctrove, has been appointed as the Sports Council’s Introductory Chairman. His in field knowledge and experience is expected to benefit the Council’s work plans and initiatives.

Immediate review of the prevailing sports legislation is included in the significant areas that the National Sports Council focused on. To upgrade the legislation and thus aligning the same with global developments, to make sure that Dominica levels up to the global competition in the sports and athletic sector. Furthermore, finalization of a far-reaching national sports policy will be regulated by the Council. Various aspects like developing infrastructure, further development in the sports sector, talent recognition and support, and community engagement will be addressed by this policy .

While expressing his part on the establishment of the National Sports Council, Senator George stating that the council represents a remarkable step towards development of Dominica’s sports sector. The Council aims to enhance overall management and planning & strategies, thus planning to encourage sports participation, performance improvement, and enhance accessibility all across the nation. Dominicans can look forward to and hope for a brighter future regarding sports and athletics, with the mentioned Council leading the way.