Dominica: Parl Rep Melissa Skerrit shares glimpse with CrazyMess t-shirt band
Dominica: Parl Rep Melissa Skerrit shares glimpse with CrazyMess t-shirt band || Picture Courtesy: Melissa Skerrit Facebook
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Roseau, Dominica: Carnival 2023 has just ended in Dominica, but the enthusiasts are still living in the vibes of the Mas Domnik Carnival. Parliamentary Representative of Roseau Central constituency and the wife of Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit – Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, is also among those people who have been in the festival zone. She has shared a post related to the Carnival and the events on her official social media account.

In one of the social media posts, sharing a glimpse of the CrazyMess t-shirt band, she wrote, “We surely made a royal mess in the CrazyMess t-shirt band with our water blasters, paint, foam and water truck. Don’t miss out again on this epic experience with the Bouyon King Amnesia Carnival Dominica Asa Bantan in the ultimate wet fete on the road.”

Furthermore, she mentioned, “Crazymess t-shirt band was another fun event despite the hiccups of 3 burnt generators back to back. But with Amnesia, nobody can stop Bouyon. We quickly switched to a brand new truck and sound system in minutes.”

In addition to this, she took the platform to thank everyone for their participation and contribution to making the event a success. “Special thanks to our patrons for your understanding,” she stated.

Earlier, Melissa Skerrit praised a local talent and shared her experience of working with him as he returned to his hometown. “Another local talent that we love to collaborate with. Coming all the way from St. Thomas but born and bred in Dominica, Mr Pamphil Prevost brought his wonderful services back home. We support our own! Our #Amnesia Foam truck is a hit with everyone!” the post by the parliamentary representation mentioned.

It further read, “Yes, #Carnival2023 was certainly a hit! Don’t miss 2024 if you didn’t come out or come home!”

Earlier, she also mentioned that Carnival 2023 in Dominica was beyond fantastic! Thank you to all the hard-working people behind the scenes. Thank you to all the patrons who came out to participate. Special thanks to our sponsors #FlowDominica #FineFoodsInc #vibesradio #PetroCaribe.

Further, she outlined that it was an event free of violence or incidents, for which the authorities are grateful.