Dominica: Lennox Linton resigns as political leader of Opposition of UWP

Dominica: Lennox Linton resigns as political leader of Opposition of UWP

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Dominica: Lennox Linton, the leader of the main Opposition – the United Workers Party, has resigned from his post as the political leader of the Opposition of the United Workers Party. Linton confirmed his resignation by making a public announcement on Monday and stated that he submitted his resignation to the President of the Commonwealth of Dominica three days earlier.

He shared the news with the general public via Facebook live and said, “My resignation from the post of Political Leader of the United Workers’ Party emerges from the national yearning for change that is a must.”

Linton, who has been serving as the leader of the Opposition in the House of Assembly since 2014, was chosen as the political leader of UWP in 2013. Since then, the political party contested two general elections in 2014 and 2019 and faced defeat over the incumbent Dominica Labour Party. During the general elections of 2019, UWP was the only political party that opposed the ruling party in the House of Assembly of Dominica post winning only 3 out of 21.

According to the sources, following the resignation of Linton, the deputy political leader of the United Workers Party – Francisca Joseph, will be appointed as the party leader. The new leader of the political party will be chosen by the delegates of the party in a conference scheduled for the next month – November.

This resignation has divided the politics of Dominica; some leaders consider it a loss of the party, whereas some are not bothered about it. Dominican political leader Clement Marcellin Jr stated, “Our party, the United Workers Party owes a considerable debt of gratitude to Lennox Linton for his service during the period of his leadership. His unyielding sacrifice in the face of adversity and unwavering commitment to the fight for democracy is a noteworthy examples of servant leadership. Today, we are much greater because of his efforts.”

He added, “On a personal note, I am most grateful for the opportunity to serve under his stewardship and the guidance offered to me on numerous occasions, having been appointed by Lennox Linton as a Senator in the House of Assembly in 2020. I will continue to support his efforts as Leader of the Opposition. With a heart of gratitude, I salute you, Lennox.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and political leader of the Dominica Labour Party has stated that he doesn’t believe Linton’s resignation will make a difference.