Dominica is one of the best island to visit in 2022: Travel and Leisure Magazine

Travel + Leisure Magazine conducted a global survey and ranked the top 25 islands according to the overall travel experiences, including favourite island destinations. The magazine ranked islands across the globe, and from the Caribbean region, the Commonwealth of Dominica was the only country which made its way to the top 10 in the chart.

Dominica secured the eighth position out of 25 island countries. The magazine mentioned that the country is popularly known for its beautiful, lush national parks and stunning black beaches. The Commonwealth of Dominica is popularly known as the “Nature Isle of Caribbean” as it is larger covered by rainforest and is home to the world’s second-largest hot spring, Boiling Lake. Dominica is home to Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which has been recognised as a World Heritage Site since April 4, 1995. The park is known for its tropical blended tropical forest with blended volcanic features. The country is also known for preserving the plants and animals that were thought to be extinct worldwide.

The nation is also popular for some of the protected areas, such as Cabrits National Park. There are around 365 rivers in the country, meaning a person can visit a different river for one year. The country is a volcanic formation with many active volcanoes; however, eruptions are rare.

Dominica is also on the visitors’ bucket list because of the hot springs. In the south, Boiling Lake lies 700 metres above sea level; its waters are often forced (1 metre) above average by the pressure of escaping gases. The island is popular for its rich alluvial and volcanic soils.

There are numerous rivers, all of them unnavigable. A range of high forest-clad mountains runs north to south, broken in the centre by a plain drained by the Layou River, which flows to the west; the highest points are Mount Diablotins (1,447 metres) and Mount Trois Pitons (1,424 metres).

Additionally, one more reason for loving Dominica is its pleasant climate. The country’s average temperature stays between 30°C to 32°C across the year. The country witnesses the dry season from February to May and the rainy season from June to October.

Another Caribbean island – St Vincent and the Grenadines, made its way to the chart and secured 18th position.

The list published by Travel + Leisure Magazine was topped by Ischia, Italy, which is popular as the most picturesque island in the Bay of Naples. The country is known for its thermal spas and natural springs. Following this, the second position was secured by the Maldives, an island known for its pristine beaches, sprawling greenery and magical landmarks.

The third position was secured by Bali, Indonesia, for its natural beauty with looming volcanoes and lush rice fields. This country is known as ‘Land of the Gods’ because of the omnipresence of Balinese Hinduism in everyday life. Milos, Greece, scored fourth position and fifth was bagged by Fiji Islands, known as ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’.