Dominica govt to provide $30m loans to small business on low interest

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Dominica: In his recent episode of Annou Pale, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit noted that the priority of the Dominican government remains to immediately tackle the health crisis (COVID-19 pandemic), for which it is already making efforts. He noted that the movement is curtailed on the island.

While assuring the nation’s development, PM Skerrit noted that he had given the green light to his Cabinet Ministers to execute the significant policies they planned in their respective ministries under Budget 2021-2022.

“The Dominican government is committed to keep turning the wheels of the economy,” Prime Minister emphasized.

Prime Minister further focused on the various projects that are ongoing in the country in the middle of the pandemic, such as – the government will build 60 new houses in Grand Bay, constructing hotels from the funds of CBI, 45 new homes for the entire Dubuc community.

He further emphasized that all the lab equipment are in place, and construction of various offices has also been started in the island country.

PM Skerrit noted that the Dominican government is committed to boosting the business sector for which his administration is going to provide 30 million dollars for the small businesses, contracting this loan from CDB – Caribbean Development Bank, the government, will make available the whole amount to the aid bank so that it can lend money to small businesses, at low interest, that will enhance the investment opportunities and as well as the development of the sector.

While updating about the recently held first Caricom-Africa summit, PM stated that it is decided that an annual meeting will be conducted of the
head of states of both the regions, while it as a significant decision.

He then appreciated the United States government for its donation of 46,500 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines, which will be utilized to vaccinate the children of the age group 12 -17 years and noted the significant donation of 300,000 US dollars given by an American firm – GMAT.

Talking about the COVID-19 vaccination of children, PM Skerrit encouraged the parents to give their consent to get their children vaccinated. The consent forms are made available to the general public at schools and healthcare centres.

PM Skerrit expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for gifting 30,000 antigen tests kits which will help the island country in aggressive testing.

With this, he has also asked the citizens to avoid public gatherings and to follow the COVID-19 health protocols so that the nation can soon return to normalcy and for the businesses can open.

Prime Minister added that the government cannot do much without the cooperation of Dominicans and asked them to assist it by getting vaccinated and following safety measures so as to decrease the chances of transmission and defeat the contagious virus. He emphasized the importance of achieving herd immunity for the well being of the community and country.

Speaking on the demise of Parliamentary Representative Edward Registe, PM Skerrit stated that Grand Bay and Dominica lost a true nationalist and patriot who was dedicated and passionate to transform the lives of people for good. He will remain in our hearts.

“We can overcome this deadliest pandemic as a nation with cooperation,” he added and further noted that the government will not make the vaccines mandatory all it can do is to provide the vaccines and it depends on the citizens whether to take the dose or not.