Dominica govt doing best to provide qualitative education to students: Octavia Alfred

Dominica govt doing best to provide qualitative education to students: Octavia Alfred
Dominica govt doing best to provide qualitative education to students: Octavia Alfred

Roseau, Dominica: The Minister of Education, Human resource planning, Vocational training – Octavia Alfred stated that the Dominican government is doing their best to provide qualitative education to the children even during the difficult times of the COVID-19 outbreak.

She noted that from 1 September 2021 onwards, the school staff has been engaged in online professional training activities in preparation for a flexible approach to students engagement.

The Minister highlighted that the several stakeholder sensitizations
sessions were held and are still going on.

A parental engagement also took place on Thursday that addressed psychological challenges, online learning and a general discussion on tips for students working.

Minister said every school in Dominica has a lead teacher that provides continuous support and training to the staff at their respective schools.

The Minister further stated that as per the ministry’s research, 41.5% of students in Dominica do not have access to the internet, and these students are being accommodated at the primary schools in their communities from 8 am to 1 pm so that they do not have a loss of their education.

Following the statement, she noted that Dominica’s education ministry has also provided devices and internet access to needy students.

A total of 186 secondary and 307 primary school students do not have even a smartphone, internet and have very little access to electricity due to the construction work in their region. For these students, worksheets and activity cards with explanatory notes and instructions are prepared. The students can collect and submit their work at their schools.

The Education Minister further commended the hard work and cooperation of principals, teachers and parents. During the online classes, a proper format is followed, and classes are recorded so that in case if any student misses the class, he/she can afterwards learn what was taught in the class.

She noted that special needs teachers were trained in google classroom. While 180 parents were also trained in strategies on coping with the special needs of the students.

The Minister also urged the staff members of the schools to follow the COVID-19 health protocols and urged the parents to get their children vaccinated in order to return back to the face-to-face sessions.


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