Diddy named as co-defendant in son’s sexual assault lawsuit

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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, the famous American rapper accused of sex trafficking, amongst other crimes, has been named as a co-defendant in a lawsuit against his son Christian “King” Combs. Christian has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman who was a part of the staff on one of the yachts chartered by the elder Combs.

The lawsuit accuses Diddy of orchestrating the circumstances that allowed his son to commit the crime and also states that Diddy himself is responsible for paying the staff to cover up the incident.

The lawsuit against Christian “King” Combs was filed on Thursday in the Los Angeles Superior Court and has joined a long list of sexual misconduct suits filed against Diddy recently, while federal authorities continue to investigate him for sex trafficking.

The sex trafficking investigation reached a point recently where it led officials from the Department of Homeland Security to raid two of Diddy’s homes, one in Miami and the other in Los Angeles. This incident brought a significant degree of attention to the troubled rapper and the lawsuits against him.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and his son. (Credits: FOX26, Facebook)
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and his son. (Credits: FOX26, Facebook)

The number of lawsuits against him continue to pile up as each day passes, while Diddy’s lawyers have called the accusations baseless.

The member of the staff who has accused the father son duo has been identified as Grace O’Marcaigh, who was the bartender on the boat. She stated that Christian Combs goaded her into drinking tequila, which she believes was laced with a drug. According to the lawsuit, this was followed by Christian Combs touching her breasts and genitals, while trying to force her into performing oral sex on him.

Grace O’Marcaigh is among the very few accusers who have come out publicly and allowed their names to be used, having also given her consent to lawyers to use her name in the lawsuit as well.

Sean and Christian Combs’ attorney, Aaron Dyer, said that the lawsuit lacks merit, adding that he will be filing a motion to get the case dismissed. According to him, the raids conducted at Diddy’s houses are a part of an elaborate ruse fed by civil suits based on pointless accusations.

Sean Combs is said to have chartered the yacht for the entirety of the 2022 holiday season and created a situation which facilitated her assault, even encouraging it since he had complete control of the yacht and its staff.

Christian Combs is said to have come onboard in an intoxicated state one night and proceeded to behave inappropriately with Grace O’Marcaigh according to her account.

Producer Rodney Jones, who has also filed a lawsuit against Diddy, is said to have been present in the onboard studio that Christian Combs and Grace O’Marcaigh were in at the time, having been at Combs’ disposal at all times to help him complete his next album.

Grace O’Marcaigh said that Christian Combs pressured her to drink shots of tequila and she complied to avoid a very awkward situation.

Her account in the lawsuit states that the drinks made everything around her blurry, suggesting that it was drugged and that Christian began groping her in an aggressive manner, while she tried to extricate herself from the situation.

The suit has been furnished with a transcript of the exchange between Christian Combs and Grace O’Marcaigh, which is said to have been recorded in the studio by Rodney Jones on the instructions of Combs.

In the transcript, Grace O’Marcaigh asks Christian Combs to stop touching her but to no avail. Christian then assaulted her once again when she was in the ship’s movie theatre, which was also used to accommodate the crew when the rooms were occupied. Thankfully, another member of the crew found them there due to which Combs stopped the assault.

Grace O’Marcaigh alleges that she informed the captain about the incident the next day but he did not investigate it in any meaningful way, having been paid a large sum of money by Diddy on the same day for his silence.

She also said that she was fired shortly after the incident and has been unable to find work in the music industry, which she originally planned on becoming a part of. The lawsuit filed by her demands that damages must be determined by the court and paid to the accuser by Sean Combs and his son.

Christian Combs was present at the Los Angeles residence when it was raided and was put in handcuffs along with his brother but was not arrested.

Dyer, the attorney representing Diddy, responded to the suit by highlighting the involvement of Tyrone Blackburn in it, who has been called out by US District Judge Denise L Cote for another lawsuit he filed against Diddy.

Cote has criticized Blackburn severely for displaying a pattern of filing cases in an improper manner with the aim of gaining undue attention from the media. For this, Cote has referred the case to a disciplinary committee which will look into the matter and decide whether Blackburn’s approach is indeed questionable.

Blackburn on the other hand has accused Diddy’s lawyers of attempting to deflect attention from the case, adding that the assault did indeed occur and that there are tapes to prove it. He also said that the referral from Cote is merely that and not a sanction, which is why it should not be allowed to muddy the waters and distract people from the real issue at hand.

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