Daniele Charles, 48-year-old, dead body found in Guyana in a nude condition.

Dead woman found naked with used condom in Guyana

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Daniele Charles, 48-year-old, dead body was found at West Coast Berbice, Guyana, by the officials of Guyana Police Services in a nude condition with ten stab wounds on Sunday, 19th November 2023.

The victim has been identified as a labourer of Number 30 Village, West Coast, Berbice. As per the news channel, they received a call from an unknown person at around 12:10 hrs on Sunday, 19th November 2023.

The unknown individual revealed on the phone to the media that the female’s body was seen at Experiment, a New housing scheme.

As soon as the police officials received the news, they responded to the matter. They rushed to the spot and they found the victim in a state of nudity in clumps of bushes.

The head of the deceased was facing the south direction and her feet were towards the north side with the face upwards.

The officials found clothes which were lying next to the victim’s body, which included- a colourful top which had stains of blood on it, ¾ hard pants, underwear and a bra.

Not only this, the officials also found a used condom and wrapper next to Daniele’s feet. Also, between her legs, wrapped-up tissues were found.

The officials of Guyana seized the items and sealed them in their evidence bags.

The victim’s body was examined thoroughly and they found six stab wounds in the abdomen area; one stab wound was seen to the left side breast, one to the centre of the chest and two to the throat.

According to one of the news channels, Daniele was imbibing at Level Up Bar around 20:00 hrs. The bar was at Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice. She was there along with her relatives one of his males and a female friend.

Subsequently, the relatives left the bar and the victim was left away in the company of his male and female friend.

Moreover, the deceased’s son, Yeukini Joseph, informed one of the investigators that on Sunday at around 3:23 hrs, his mother gave him a phone call and his mother asked him if he was okay. He stated that he replied to her by saying yes.

The victim’s son added that when he received a call from his mother, the background side of his mother was quiet and in just a matter of minutes, the phone got disconnected.

His son also said that when he tried to call his mother back, the call went to the voicemail.

Daniele’s body is currently lying at Bailey’s Funeral Parlour. The officials are waiting for the post mortem report.

The officials are investigating the matter to put the culprit behind bars.