Cuba’s first Olympic boxing champion Orlando Martinez Romero dies at the age of 77

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Cuba: Cuba’s first Olympic boxing champion – Orlando Martinez Romero, died at the age of 77 on Wednesday. Romero is considered as one of the finest boxers of the island country who brought laurels to the nation. 

Osvaldo Vento Montelier, the president of the Cuban Sports Institute (INDER), tweeted and cited that, “It hurts to know that – Orlando Martinez Romero, our beloved Orlandito, – the fighter, – the first Olympic champion of revolutionary sports in – Munich 1972, has died.” 

The tweet further states that, “He brightened in other struggles & was an undefeated champion regarding his ‘fidelity’ to his people, condolences from #InderCuba to the family and friends.” 

About Orlando Martinez Romero – 

Orlandito was born on – September 2, 1946, in the Havana neighbourhood of Juanelo; his beginnings in boxing date back to the year of 1963 in the – ‘Luyano Moderno’ gym.

He competed in the – Olympic events in Mexico in 1968, Munich in 1972 and Montreal in 1976. He was also the Pan-American champion in Mexico in 1975 and bagged a bronze medal in the – Central American Games in Santo Domingo in 1974, in all cases in the ’54-kg’ division.

He won the Giraldo Cordova Cardin International Tournament three times and was the national champion several times.

After retiring from the active sport, he devoted himself to the noble task of teaching the younger ages, for which he too deserved praise.

The nation has lost a true gem of boxing; his fans and the citizens have expressed their grief and condolences to the renowned boxer and his family. On the other hand, people have also expressed their shock over his demise. His contribution to the boxing and sports of Cuba will never be forgotten.  

Boxing in Cuba – 

Boxing is a popular sport in the island country. As of 1992, there were over 16,000 boxers in Cuba. Across Cuba today, there are 494 boxing coaches and 185 facilities. Out of the – 99,000 athletes in Cuba currently, 19,000 are boxers, which includes – 81 of Olympic competence, even though only twelve were able to make it in the Olympic team.


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