CSG Patricia Scotland addresses FICCIFLO in Pune during her 10-day visit to India

Commonwealth: The Commonwealth General Secretary, Patricia Scotland, gave a speech to the FLO-FICCI Women’s Chamber of Commerce (FICCIFLO) in Pune, India, on August 10, 2022. The CSG met with the members of the Women’s Chamber during her 10-day visit to India.

She expressed pleasure through her social media handle and praised the women who have been working to end the violence against women.

She stated, “It was a privilege to speak today to FICCIFLO in Pune, India. Many of the great leaders in our #Commonwealth, and our world, are women. We are closest to breaking the barriers that hold us back but to get there, we need to End Violence Against Women.”

CSG Scotland also lauded the FLO-FICCI Women’s Chamber of Commerce for working to break the barriers for women and promoting female entrepreneurship. “I am so impressed by the works and achievements of FICCIFLO to break these barriers for women by promoting female entrepreneurship and economic empowerment. It was inspiring today to hear from so many women determined to drive positive change,” outlined CSG Scotland.

Earlier, she received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from Jindal Global UNI in New Delhi, India. She was honoured in front of the young students of the country.

She mentioned, “What an honour to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from Jindal Global UNI in New Delhi, India, in front of some of India’s best and brightest youth at their graduation. I say to the young & aspiring in our Commonwealth family, I am no different to you; if I can, then you can too.”

She was dressed in a sari and graced the occasions.

Recently, she has been on a 10-day visit to India and will stay in the Commonwealth nation until the middle of August. During her visit to India, she will be travelling to New Delhi, Pune, Chennai as well as Coimbatore.