Connect Caribe, a regional ferry service to introduce best-ever travel offers

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Connect Caribe, a private sector-led ferry service, was launched in Barbados on Tuesday, and it focuses on increasing and improving transportation among the Caribbean countries. 

The establishment of the new ferry company is a result of the collaboration of Upturn Funds Caribbean and Pleion Group Incorporated, who have revealed the inauguration of the “Connect Caribe.”

It is to be noted that the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Caribbean Region, Andre Thomas, revealed that regional leaders are currently discussing the services provided by Caribe and the benefits associated with them. 

Screen grab of Connect Caribe's launch on Tuesday. (Credits: Canal Caribe, Facebook)
Screengrab of Connect Caribe’s launch on Tuesday. (Credits: Canal Caribe, Facebook)

While speaking at the launch organised by stakeholders, the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Keith Rowley and his Guyana and Barbados counterparts participated in the discussions and exchanged their ideas on the offering supposed to be given in the ferry services. 

“We are in talks with the governments, there is a significant discussion on how we can integrate and tackle this huge opportunity and problem. I believe that where there are problems, there are opportunities….so there will be significant collaboration between the service that will be done by the governments and our service”, Chief Executive Officer Thomas added. 

As per Thomas, ferry service will turn the table to the progress in the transportation sector. Adding that, he noted that the three assigned vessels will have the capacity to transport 8,000 passengers, manufactured goods, products and cargo. 

Moreover, the Co-founder of the Caribbean region said the service, which will begin in the last quarter of 2024, will provide weekly and daily round trips, connecting Barbados with Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, St Vincent, Grenada, Dominica, Antigua, Suriname and Guyana. He ensured that the Barbados-Trinidad-Guyana route was also being given special attention.

Expected charges to pay by passengers

Thomas has unveiled the basic fare for the services, which would cost around US $100 plus the government tax. By paying this amount, a person can move from Barbados to Trinidad. 

“A standard fare on our service would cost only US$100 plus whatever charges come from that particular government. So for US $100, we want you to be able to move from Barbados to Trinidad”, he marked. 

PM Rowley added that the decision was driven by a need to move raw materials and fresh produce from the producing areas to the consumption and manufacturing areas within the sub-zone.

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