T&T, Guyana, Barbados introduces passenger cargo regional Ferry System

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Guyana’s President, Dr Irfaan Ali, announced that the Governments of Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago formed a new company that will introduce a passenger and cargo regional Ferry System.

CARICOM has been keeping the issue of intra-regional transportation agenda on its focus. Meanwhile, the focus on guaranteeing the region’s food security and tackling this issue is also in the eye.

The Trinidadian Prime Minister, Keith Rowley, mentioned the agreement made by three countries with the idea of a new ferry service among the Galleons Passage. Moreover, to ply the route at the beginning of the stage, a vessel from the Twin Island Republic will be used.

“Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) agreed to a new ferry service among the three Caribbean states and the Galleons Passage, a vessel from the Twin Island Republic, will be used to play the route, at least initially”, stated PM Rowley.

During the opening of the Phoenix Park Industrial Estate in Point Lisas on Wednesday, the Trinidadian PM also remarked that the cabinet is looking forward to signing this decision. The Minister of Transportation was already informed to ready the Galleons Passage for the inaugural trip.

“(On Thursday), the Cabinet will sign off on this decision, and only this morning, the Minister of Transportation was told to ready the Galleons Passage for the inaugural trip as soon as the documentation is ready and the vessel is ready”, PM Rowley added.

Further to this, Rowley, noting the decision to introduce new ferry services, said, “It was mainly because of the need to move raw materials and fresh produce to the consumption and manufacturing areas” within the subzone of the Caribbean that includes these three nations.

It is to be noted that such ideas and launches will help boost and foster food security efforts by facilitating food production and trade across the region.

As per PM Rowley, this initiative will offer employment to citizens and support job creation, which will allow consumers and travellers to enjoy more affordable food prices.

The ferry services will also likely boost the economic sector of three of the Caribbean nations as the regular movements of cargo and passengers will help the respective nations in reaching positive growth, especially in economy and tourism.

Various social media pages have shared this news and many people took to their official Facebook handle to express their delight and happiness for this new project.

While reacting to the news, one user named Azaryah Yahuda wrote, “This boat only good for transporting passengers between Trinidad and Tobago it will not make it coming up southeast of the Atlantic Ocean coming to Guyana.”

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