Child Month 2022 begins in Grenada
Child Month 2022 begins in Grenada
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Grenada: The education ministry of the country has announced the starting of Child Month celebrations, which kicked off on October 1 and will end on October 31 2022, under the broader theme “Love the Child”.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact children’s physical health, social and emotional well-being, as well as their learning and educational development. In addition, child abuse remains a grave concern in Grenada. Considering these challenges, the Child Month Committee has decided that the theme for Child Month 2022 will remain:


“Children’s Care and Education Matter: Let Children Grow, Glow and Flourish”.

Focus: Quality education and care for all children while promoting health and safety

Some of the activities highlighting Child Month are:

• Opening address by the Governor General
• Child Sabbath/Sunday – October 15 and 16, 2022
• Live forums highlighting the theme
• Child Month March – street marches will be within the period October 17 to 28, 2022
• Closing Address – Minister with responsibility for Education

Burnt Orange will be the colour of all t-shirts used for the celebration. T-shirts cost $25 and can be purchased at the following outlets:


Grenada Tees Grenville Street, St George’s, 440-9779; Lower Depradine Street, Gouyave, 437-2336; Main Street, Sauteurs 442-9050; Ben Jones Street, Grenville, 440-8337

Full-Screen Graphics, Woolwich Road, St George’s, 440-8177

Impress Grafix Madeys, St Patrick, 442-1831

As the country celebrated Child Month 2022, schools, selected non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community groups are urged to find creative ways to further draw awareness to issues affecting children.