Bones found in Soufriere belongs to animal, not human

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The forensic practitioners claimed the bones belonged to an animal, which was discovered in Soufriere at the end of last month during a routine expedition at Rachette Point.

It is to be noted that the officers attached to Marine divers conducted a routine expedition at the Rachette Point in Soufriere. During the exercise, they discovered bones which triggered their speculation that they were possibly the remains of a drowning victim, whose case was reported to them a few months ago.

In brief, the marine police received an anonymous call where they were told about a person who drowned in the water. They responded to the call and reached the location. Upon arrival, they examined the areas but unfortunately, they couldn’t find any person in the water.

Notably, when they discovered the bones during their routine examination, they collected the remains and conveyed them to the forensic department for detailed analysis.

Noting this, the report made it clear that the remains belonged to an animal not to any human. However, there are still no records of the person who was drowned in the water.

Additionally, the drowning cases of persons are increasing in the country due to the overflow of marine waters. Many other Caribbean nations have issued small craft advisories and surf advisories as the marine water exceeded to the heights of above 9 feet.

The people and beachgoers are advised to exercise caution and should follow all the necessary precautions. The authorities urged people to use lifeguards before dipping into the water, especially near the beaches.

It has also been noted that due to the conditions created by the long period swells and the subsequent life-threatening surf the threat to life, infrastructure and public & private property.

The authorities refrain people from going out in the water or near the beaches due to the adverse marine conditions.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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