Bahamas' Health Ministry responds to AstraZeneca's halt in European nations

Bahamas’ Health Ministry responds to Astra Zeneca’s halt in European nations

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Bahamas: Bahamas’ Health Ministry responded to Oxford Astra Zeneca reports after Denmark, Norway, and Iceland have suspended the use of the Oxford Astra-Zeneca Corona vaccine.

The Ministry of Health is conscious of international statements that a shipment of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has been halted in some European nations.

Health officials recommend that the vaccines obtained by The Bahamas on Wednesday, 10th March 2021, are distinct from those shipments reportedly used in the affected nations.

The Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine acquired by The Bahamas has met all of the obligations and standards outlined in the World Health Organization’s pre-qualification operation, which has been granted by Emergency Use Listing. 

The Oxford-AstraZeneca also has got Caribbean Regulatory System certification. The Ministry of Health encourages the public that coronavirus vaccines obtained by The Bahamas will continue to meet the stern regulatory approval measures stated above.

Health authorities in Denmark, Norway, and Iceland have suspended the use of the Oxford Astra-Zeneca Corona vaccine after reports of blood clotting in some people after vaccination.

On Thursday, the Danish Health Authority said that the nation has stopped using the immunization for at least 14 days after various cases of blood clots among individuals who had been vaccinated.

After Denmark has discontinued using the vaccine, Norway and Iceland have also taken the same measures. 

Italy has also said that a shipment of Oxford Astra Zeneca’s vaccine will be halted. Meantime, the European Medicines Regulatory European Medicine Agency (EMA) says the advantages of the vaccine outweigh the hazards of its utilization, and its use can be extended.

On the other hand, Mexico will continue to immunize its population from the Oxford Astra Zeneca, despite Denmark’s recent suspension of the Oxford Astra Zeneca’s utilization in Norway and Iceland.

Consequently, the Oxford Astra Zeneca has been distributed to almost all islands of the CARICOM community. Bahamas’ Health Ministry response will give a sense of relief to the citizens of Bahamas.

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