Denmark, Norway, and Iceland suspends Oxford AstraZeneca's use 

Denmark, Norway, and Iceland suspends Oxford AstraZeneca’s use 

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World: Health authorities in Denmark, Norway, and Iceland have suspended the use of the Oxford Astra-Zeneca Corona vaccine. This step has been taken after reports of blood clotting in some people after vaccination. Austria had earlier banned the use of a batch of Oxford AstraZeneca. 

A 60-year-old woman’s blood clot became clogged after being vaccinated in Denmark, leading to her death. She was vaccinated in the same shipment, which was being used in Australia.

On Thursday, the Danish Health Authority said that the country has stopped using the vaccine for at least 14 days after several cases of blood clots among people who had been vaccinated.

After Denmark has stopped using the vaccine for two weeks after the case came to light, Norway and Iceland have also taken similar steps. 

Italy has also said that a batch of AstraZeneca’s vaccine will be suspended. Meanwhile, the European Medicines Regulatory European Medicine Agency (EMA) says the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the dangers of its utilization, and its use can be continued.

Some researchers believe that it is too-early to see some cases of blood clotting with vaccines. There is no evidence of this yet. Over 11 million doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine have been administered throughout the UK so far. 

The European Union drug regulator says that the ratio of blood clotting after the vaccine is almost the similar as in the general population. Clotting has been reported in 22 out of 30 lakh vaccinated people. The EMA said that Denmark and Norway have decided to suspend the vaccine as a vigilance.

Mexico will continue to vaccinate its people from Oxford Astra-Zeneca

Despite Denmark’s recent decision to stop the utilization of AstraZeneca’s Corona vaccine in Norway and Iceland, Mexico has said that it will continue to introduce the Coronavirus vaccine in its home country.

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